Capital & Credit Reggae Money Express and US-based Ria Money Transfer join forces to help Haiti through its Remittance Product


A joint initiative has been launched between Capital & Credit Remittance Limited (CCRL), through its brand Capital & Credit Reggae Money Express and one of its franchise products RIA Money Transfer in aid of the Haiti Earthquake Relief & Recovery Effort.  Through this special collaboration, all remittances coming from the United States, through the RIA/Reggae Money Express money transfer platform in aid of the Haiti earthquake victims is remitted to one of the official commercial bank accounts established in Jamaica free of cost.

This inter-country initiative was launched two days after the earthquake on Thursday, January 14 and will be an ongoing effort by the three corporate entities.  In the first three days after the launch of this special money transfer service, 929 transfers were received in Jamaica, totalling US$15,000 and both remittance companies have agreed to waive the transfer fees associated for a limited period. The funds will not be converted to Jamaican currency and will go directly towards providing relief supplies for the earthquake victims.

General Manager for CCRL, Sheron Dixon-Brown, states that “Capital & Credit Reggae Money Express and RIA Money Transfer share a long-standing relationship and the goal of consistently providing safe, fast and accurate money transfer services to our clients worldwide.  We are therefore pleased that we have been able to assist in the relief effort, by garnering overwhelming support for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.”

For his part, President & Chief Executive Officer of RIA Financial Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. and owners of the RIA Money Transfer and other brands, Juan C. Bianchi, notes that the hearts and minds of all Ria employees are with everyone affected by this devastating event.”  He further expressed the hope that “through our partnership with Capital & Credit we can offer some small relief to those in need of assistance and make it a little bit easier for North Americans to send their financial support to Haiti."

Capital & Credit Remittance Ltd. is a member company of the Capital & Credit Financial Group.  For additional information, e-mail or call toll-free at 1-888-991-2067.

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